To Our Shareholders and Investors

Aiming to Increase Our Corporate Social Value through Sustainable Growth

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to our shareholders and investors.

Tokyo Individualized Educational Institute, Inc. (TIEI) celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2015, so in 2016 we started our journey into the next 30 years. For the fiscal year ended February 2017, we achieved our fifth consecutive year of increases in sales and income. Our Individualized Education Division has 230 schools across Japan with 31,901 students enrolled as of the end of December 2016. We continue to set new record highs.

We are promoting three growth strategies: “Enhancement of educational capabilities,” “Urban area dominance strategy and service portfolio expansion” and “Collaboration with Benesse to increase added value,” with the aim of “increasing corporate social value through sustainable growth.” These strategies are based on Dynamic Challenge 2017, our medium-term management plan for the period to February 2018.
“Enhancement of educational capabilities” is positioned as the pillar supporting our business operations. The vitality of our people is the source of our growth, and we see increased employee loyalty as the key to providing high-quality, high-value-added educational services centered on hospitality. Therefore, we continue to focus on developing human resources. As recognition of our efforts, we ranked first among high school and university entrance exam takers in an external customer satisfaction survey in 2016. With employee growth centered on hospitality as a starting point, we are steadily creating a virtuous cycle of customer satisfaction and improved loyalty. In particular, the excellent evaluations received by our university entrance exam preparation programs, supported by our efforts to “Enhance educational capabilities,” have contributed to substantial growth in the number of high school students enrolled.

As we continue to set student enrollment records, we are also making proactive investments, with our eyes on sustainable growth centered on accelerating growth in the number of students enrolled. We will accomplish this by hiring and training high-quality teachers and by expanding the seating capacity of existing schools.

The fiscal year ending February 2018 is the final year of Dynamic Challenge 2017, our medium-term management plan. We will aggressively promote our three growth strategies to put us on a stable growth trajectory that is adaptable to changes such as enrollment composition. In addition, we will continue to strengthen our existing businesses and promote new investment strategies as we aim for another record-setting year and our sixth consecutive year of increases in sales and income. We will also realize increased corporate value through sustainable growth centered on hospitality, our greatest strength. Furthermore, our nearly 8,000 university entrance exam teachers will grow together with their students as they help them to gain the skills needed to be active in society. With this, too, as one of our values, we will continue to develop our human resources.

I sincerely request the continuing guidance and encouragement of our shareholders and investors in our future endeavors.

May 2017
Katsuki Saito
President and Representative Director

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